Saturday, April 7, 2012

OMO! Chicken

Since last year, my sister had familiarized me with the word "omo." Omo is a Korean word, it means oh my gosh, or OMG, kind of. So when my friend told me that there was a restaurant in Central Park called Omo Chicken, I was thrilled to try it. It was just last Sunday that I had the chance to try it out with my two cousins.

Korean Chicken in Hot and Soya 12 pieces - Rp 68.181

We ordered the 12 pieces Korean Chicken Wings. There were 3 types of sauce; hot, soya, and tomato. The hot one was the most popular. We can have 2 different sauces for the 12 pieces, so we got 6 with hot sauce, and the other 6 with soya sauce. The one with hot sauce tasted super hot to me! I could not finish even just one chicken wing.  However, my cousins loved it. Honestly, I could not taste anything else other than hot hot hot. I liked the soya one better (obviously, since I cannot eat spicy food). The soya one was sweet. Both skin was crispy. Unfortunately, I think it was not marinated long enough that the meat tasted a bit bland.

Anchovy & Seaweed Riceball - Rp 18.182

We LOVED the rice ball. They were in bite size and came with a generous amount of seaweed, which I really really like. We could not have enough of these cute rice balls.

Yuza Sensation and Passion Fruit - Rp 13.636 ea

I ordered the Passion Fruit drink, and my cousins got the Yuza drink. Both tasted sweet and they tasted almost identical. The yuza was a little bit sour, but you can barely tell the different between those two.

The outdoor area

I just knew that there was an outdoor seating area for the restaurants in the third floor in Central Park. I really like the neat idea of it. And to my surprise, the outdoor area was more crowded than the air-con indoor.

As for OMO! Chicken, I really like the catchy name. I also love the cute chicken logo. I like that the skin of the chicken wing was crispy, but the bland meat turned me off a little bit. I might be come back again for snacking there as I like the rice ball and drink, and I believe some chicken wings would not hurt ;)

 OMO! Chicken
Central Park L3-121
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 38
Jakarta Barat
ph: (021) 5698 5776
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