Monday, May 9, 2011

Bakmi Bintang Gading

Bakmi Bintang Gading is one of my favorite place to grab a bowl of tasty noodle, other than Bakmi GM, of course! The most famous dish here is Ujung Pandang Wonton Noodle. Ujung Pandang Noodle is different from the ordinary noodle you usually get just anywhere. It was thicker yet chewy. 
Pangsit Mie (small portion) - Rp 19.5k
It was my fave dish there, Mie Pangsit (Wonton Noodle). There are 2 options for the type of noodle, thin noodle, which is ordinary noodle, and Ujung Pandang thick noodle, which is its specialty. It came with BBQ pork and/or steamed chicken, depended on your choice. I loved to mix them both since I can taste the sweet BBQ pork and the salty chicken. yummmy... It also came with one fried wonton and one wonton in the soup, again you could pick either you want to have one each or two pieces a kind.
Bakso Goreng - Rp 3k each
I love this type of bakso goreng and I always eat it with the sweet and sour sauce. However, the one there was a bit tough to chew. Even though I did not like it that way, I always order one :p
Nasi Goreng Ujung Pandang Special - Rp 26k
My friend loved its fried rice. The Ujung Pandang Style Fried Rice was different that you ordinary fried rice. I think instead of using sweet soy sauce or soy sauce, they use tomato ketchup (?) Correct me here, since I'm just guessing. I tried a spoonful of it, and I thought there was nothing special about it.

I went to Ujung Pandang a year ago, there I tried the best Ujung Pandang Style Noodle and Fried Rice. They were superb! However, the one in Bintang Gading was the best I could find around Jakarta. The taste of the wonton noodle was close to the one I had in Ujung Pandang.

Bakmi Bintang Gading
Jl Boulevard Raya Blok QA 5 No 20-21
Jakarta Utara
Ph: (021) 4585 7082


  1. i love the fried rice too, yummy~

  2. @anakjajan: I actually don't really like the fried rice. The one I had in Ujung pandang was much more delicious. I still need to find one as good in Jakarta :) will share it with you if I find it :D


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