Monday, November 7, 2011

Pizza Hut, Singapore

Back to my Singapore trip review. One day my mom had a sudden crave for Pizza Hut. how funny is that. So we went to the branch in Lucky Plaza for early lunch. The place was almost empty when we arrived, but it was full as we finished eating.

Fruitti Salad - S$5.80

Pizza Hut menu in Singapore is slightly different to the one in Indonesia. For example, my mom loves the salad bar in Pizza Hut Indonesia, but the one in Singapore did not have that. Therefore, she ordered the fruit salad instead. It was a toss of lettuce, diced green apple, mangoes, pineapple bits and fresh strawberries drizzled with mayonnaise. It was supposed to come with raisin too, but they ran out of it. The salad was just okay. However, I have to mention that the pineapple was a bit different than normal pineapple we have in Indonesia, and it was great (and I actually do not like pineapple). It was soft and sweet.

Bruschetta with Mushroom - S$5.50

We also ordered the bruschetta with mushroom as appetizer, but the food did not look appetizing at all! The description said it was baked baguette flavored with garlic spread, topped with marinated button mushroom and chopped parsley. However, the claimed button mushroom was super small and chopped! The parsley was minimal in sight, not that I cared about it. We could not taste the mushroom at all since it was tiny, but overall it surprisingly tasted good.

9" Regular Super Supreme Pan Pizza - S$17.50

We also ordered the medium size of super supreme pan pizza. It came with ground beef, cabanossi sausages, beef pepperoni, chicken ham, capsicums, onions, olives, mushroom and pineapple chucks. I kind of like that the pizza was pillowy.

Mango Tango and Strawberry Paradise - S$4.60 ea

For drinks my mom ordered the Strawberry Paradise and I got the Mango Tango. Both were actually similar. It was tea mixed with passion fruit syrup and strawberry puree for Strawberry Paradise, and mango puree for Mango Tango. It was supposed to come with aloe vera bits but we did not get any. Both drinks were refreshing.

Pizza Hut
Lucky Plaza #01-67-9/71-72
304 Orchard Rd
Ph: (65) 6735 0674

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

Last week, a friend of mine got invited to Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter Fashion Show, and she asked me to accompany her. The event was held in Qi Lounge in Hotel Sultan on October 25, 2011. It's also the soft opening of the lounge. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Collection
Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Collection
Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Collection 
click pictures to enlarge

I'm terribly sorry for the crappy pictures -.-' It was very dark inside and it's hard to keep the focus on the walking models.

You'd see models with grey beehives hair wore layers of clothes and then took the cardigan or blazer off one by one as they passed by. However, I a bit felt like the clothes were for old ladies. It might because of the grey hair. It could be the sweater or the longer skirt hem (it was fall/winter collection after all). The collection was dominated with black and red, even though I saw a hint of grey and white here and there. The collection was pretty basic to me.

Even though it wasn't as expected, I was still able to spot a few exciting items. I love the neat tight fitting dresses. They were sexy and the longer hem made them classy. However, I love the dress pictured above the most. Initially it looked like an ordinary navy stripes dress with oatmeat color cardigan. However, it was actually one piece of clothing! If you unbutton the cardigan and kind of let it fall, it became a pretty casual yet elegant long dress. Isn't it interesting?

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Collection 

Anyway, I was hoping to see out-of-the-world pieces of clothing in the fashion show. I knew it was not the haute couture collection, but it was Jean Paul Gaultier, so I expect at least a pop of the extraordinary. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I believe, it was the most wearable collection of JPG to date.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Jackrabbit - Halloween, 2nd review

Since Halloween falls on weekday this year, my friends and I decided to celebrate it on Last Saturday instead. We went to Jackrabbit since they had a Halloween event.

The lights were more dimmed than usual. They also put a bunch of scary decorations. I was surprised when I was greeted by a scary looking nurse with fake blood and creepy make-up. I was literally stunned for a few seconds before I realized that the waiters and waitresses dressed up as scary nurses, doctors, and surgeons. Coooolllll.....

Free bread

The bread came with two different types of butter. I did not really pay attention to them tho'

 Fried Oxtail Soup - Rp98k

When ordering for food, I mentioned to the waitress that I was having a sore throat and asked for a recommendation. She suggested me to get the oxtail soup. It was actually quite tasty. The seasoning was not too strong, but it was good for my sore throat. I did not eat the crackers, off course. Well, I put some in the soup. Soggy crackers won't do much to my sore throat, right? right? lol

Earl Grey Tea - Rp21k

Again, since I was having sore throat I could not order fun drink or any drink with alcohol :( but the earl grey came in such a cute teapot, so no complain here :p

They managed to give us free drinks! Even though I had sore throat, I could not just pass on free booze, and it was only little. Wrong! I did not bother to ask what was that, but it worsened my sore throat in an instant =( The drink was sweet tho'.

Chocolate in the Oven - Rp 55k

They had Halloween special menu, and I was curious to try the dessert, which was the chocolate in the oven. When I asked the waitress what it was, she said it was actually their baked lava cake. I found the difference was probably in the RIP written cookie.The baked lava cake was supposed to come with caramel ice cream, but it tasted like vanilla ice cream instead. I was not sure tho'. Anyway, the baked lava cake itself was heavenly! My friend and I loved it. It was thick and super chocolatey. However, some of my friends thought it was a tad too thick. The RIP cookie was soggy tho'. And I did not try the cute rabbit shaped chocolate, since I thought it was not good for (again) my sore throat.

"Babies" and scary nurse

Its private room still looked cool and elegant!

I really enjoyed my time there. The service was great! The staff were really accommodating, and the free drink got them extra credit ;) I also love the thought they put on the decorations and costumes. The haunted-mansion-like music was a bit turn-off though.

Anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS! Hope you have/had a great time too :D

You can read my first review here.

Cyber 2 Tower
Ground Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No. 13
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: (021) 2902 1357 the Patissier, Singapore

Since I could not finish up the fried carrot cake, I still felt somewhat hungry so I went straight to dessert! There are a lot of interesting kiosk in Takashimaya Food Hall, and I decided to try Smitten by the Patissier. Well, it was actually my dad who was really really curious about the cake. He had wanted to try it from a few week ago.

First Kiss - S$7.00

They claimed the first kiss as their best seller, so that's what we ordered. The meringue roulade was basically meringue shell filled with passionfruit mousse, and fresh mangoes and strawberries. The meringue was soft and somewhat chewy topped with powdered sugar. The passionfruit mousse filling had nice fruity aroma. I expected the cake to be sour (passionfruit and strawberry? duh). However, it was actually sweet, even thought the sweetness was soft, not too sweet. The diced mangoes and strawberries were not sour either. The cake was light and airy. I got to admit that the cake is not photogenic, but it was really delicious!

On a side note, I found it cute that a whole roulade was called hug, and the slice was called kiss. Furthermore, they also included a small ice pack in the package to keep it cold. the Patissier booth the Patissier
Takashimaya Food Hall 
Ngee Ann City #B2
391 Orchard Rd

Friday, October 28, 2011

Food Gallery Fried Carrot Cake, Food Village, Singapore

One day, it struck me that I had never tried Singapore's fried carrot cake. I saw the picture everywhere, yet I had never had the urge to order one. Suddenly, I got so curious and decided to try it. Luckily, that night my parents decided to have dinner at Food Village, the food court at the basement floor of Ngee Ann City. The food court was always super packed during lunch and dinner time. Getting a table was like a war! lol

Sweet Black Sauce Carrot Cake - S$4.00 and
Ice Lime Juice - S$1.80

The stall also offered other things, such as char kway teow, but I believed their specialty is fried carrot cake, since they put it as the stall name/title/whatever. There are 2 types of fried carrot cake, salty and sweet one. I later one.

The color of it was soooo dark. I guess they put a lot of sweet black sauce, and indeed they did, since it was too sweet, even for me. It was okay, but I could not finish it off because it got sweeter as I was eating it.

Overall, the fried carrot cake was failed to impress me. Maybe I should try the salty one next time.

Food Gallery Fried Carrot Cake
at Food Village
Takashimaya Shopping Center
Ngee Ann City #B2
391 Orchard Road

Thursday, October 27, 2011

High Society, Singapore

After stuffing ourselves at Wee Nam Kee, my friends and I headed to Marina area. Unfortunately, it was raining so we had no other choice but wandering around the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

High Society

While shopping around, we passed by High Society. The cafe looked so cute and nicely decorated. Even though we were sooo full, the girls and I just could not resist to grab a few macaroons to chew on the go =p

Cake and Macaroon display

As much as I wanted to try some of those cute tempting cupcakes, I was too full and our time was kind of limited. So we had to satisfy ourselves only with a few macaroons.

Earl Grey, Banana, and Maple Macaroons - S$2.80

The macaroon here costed $0.80 more than the one in TWG, but it was a bit bigger in size. All of them were sweet and the macaroon shell was chewy. Each of the macaroons has its own aroma that was suitable to its taste. Earl Grey Macaroon smells like earl grey tea; Banana Macaroon filled with caramel cream; and Maple Macaroon tasted like maple syrup on top of pancake. I loved them all.

I got to try my friend's macaroon. She had the rose raspberry macaroon (not pictured), and it had such a seducing smell of rose. It was my favorite, together with the earl grey :)

High Society
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2-43
2 Bayfront Avenue
Ph: (65) 6688 7522

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice, Singapore

My friends were in Singapore during their flight transit for a few hours, and they decided to try Singapore's most famous food, which was none other than hainanese chicken rice. They were a couple of choices, but they chose Wee Nam Kee. So off we went..

There was a bit difficulty in ordering since not all of the waiters spoke English. So we basically just looked around and pointed things out that look good from the other tables -.-' Therefore, I did not really know what we ordered.

Well, all of the food we ordered tasted great!! and since we were super hungry, the food tasted double Surprisingly, I preferred the steamed chicken than the roasted one. I usually love roasted chicken better, but Wee Nam Kee's steamed chicken was really tender, juicy, and full of flavor. Even the clear soup tasted good.

I did not take notes on the price since we did not even look at the menu. However, I remember thinking that it was kind of cheap considering there were five of us and we felt super full afterwards. If I recall correctly, the bill came out about S$64 for the food above.

The restaurant was packed during lunch hour. We had to wait a little bit but it was well worthed.

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice
275 Thompson Road #01-05
Ph: (65) 6255 6396

Monday, October 24, 2011

Share Tea, Singapore

After buying Garrett Popcorn the other day, I noticed there was a bubble tea stall behind it that was super crowded. However, I was sipping my Each-A-Cup bubble tea at the moment, so I had to suppress my curiosity until the next day.

I came back the next day and waited in line. The line was a bit long, but they moved fast. The bubble tea stall called Share Tea. It was from Taiwan, and super famous there. It had been in the business for over 19 years!

Honey Milk Tea - S$2.90

Learning from past experience that 100% sugar would be a tad too sweet, I decided to order mine to be 80% this time. However, since I ordered honey milk tea, in which they claimed to use honey instead of sugar, so they suggested that I went by the standard measurement, and that's what I did.

For the taste, I actually was disappointed. I did not really fancy its milk tea. It has a weird after taste. However, I would give them the benefit of doubt considering the long line, it must be good, right? It has to be good, or else why do those people wait in line for it?

Mango Green Tea with Cream - S$4.00

Well, just a few days ago I passed by the same outlet and decided to give it another shot. I had a different approach in choosing what to order this time. Instead of going fr the ordinary red milk tea, I chose one from the sign box, and Mango Green Tea with Cream looked interesting. I ordered it with 100% sugar and pearl.

After I mixed the cream, it looked like normal green tea milk tea. I loved it! I was glad that I gave them another chance. It was sweet and I can taste the mango. It was refreshing! the bubble was spongy.

Share Tea Kiosk at Wisma Atria

Share Tea
Wisma Atria #B1-45
435 Orchard Rd
Ph: (65) 6733 7507

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Delifrance, Singapore

Remember I told you that my parents can take a whole day in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Well, the hospital was super cold. I sometimes wonder how come they set the temperature so low at a hospital? I mean a hospital is supposed to be full of sick people, and I doubt they appreciate the super cold temperature. Doesn't it make them feel worse?

Anyway, about 3 hours after having my lunch at Cafe Mount E, I still waited for my parents and started to tremble because of the super cold air-con. I suddenly remembered that there was Delifrance in the hospital, so I figured I just walk there to have a sip of hot chocolate.

Almond Croissant - S$4.20 and
Hot Chocolate - S$4.00

While I was ordering my hot chocolate, I was tempted by trays of croissant and cakes. Thus, I ordered an almond croissant to accompany my hot chocolate. The croissant was huge and looked super appealing to me. It was sweet because of the generous amount of powdered sugar poured on top of it. And I also enjoyed the smell of almonds.

The hot chocolate was tiny in size and it was very hot! I had to wait a while before I can savor it. but let me tell you, sipping a hot chocolate after being in an almost frozen state was heaven, so I did not really have a say about its taste. I did enjoy taking a deep breath, inhaling its aroma ;p

The Outdoor Terrace

Little did I know, they also had their own outdoor terrace! How nice is that. So, after grabbing my orders, it did not take much time for me to decide that I need to hang out there for a little while. It's sooo nice to feel the sun warmth again.

Apple Walnut Cake - S$4.50

The next day, I had to come back to the hospital for some reasons, and I felt cold, again. I recalled the warm terrace of Delifrance. So there I went. That day, I got the apple walnut cake instead. I innitially was not really fond of the cake itself. I bought it just because there was only one left, and it must be good, right? Considering other kinds of cake and pastry still have some left and this one was almost sold out.

Well, the cake was moist and it was not too sweet. I did not really pay attention to the apples and walnuts tho' but I was sure I tasted them here and there. Over all, I was not really impressed with it, it was just okay for me.

Delifrance Counter

Mount Elizabeth Hospital #02-00
3 Mount Elizabeth
Ph: (65) 6838 0324

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cafe Mount E, Singapore

Whenever I go to Singapore with my parents, it usually means check up/doctor time. And I can assure you it takes a whole day, or sometimes even a few days. They always make the time to go to Mount Elizabeth Hospital. It was close to Orchard Road. During lunch time in between appointments with doctors, we usually have our lunch in Paragon just across the street, or in the hospital's cafeteria.

The cafeteria was called Cafe Mount E. It was newly renovated that made it more comfortable. However, it was super crowded with nurses, doctors, and staff during lunch time.

1 vegetable + 2 meat = S$4.00

There was no menu here. Basically we just need to wait in line and point out what we want and then pay at the cashier. The food here is quite tasty and super cheap! My favorite was the fried chicken. It was boneless and delicious. I always added veggies, and that time I decided to added some fish balls. I thought, the fish balls were leftover from the breakfast menu since it was already cold.

I was not sure how much it costed me. Anyway, my dad loves its fried fish, and he always gets that and some veggies also. I saw the signboard ad it said 1 vegetable + 2 meat = S$4, meanwhile 2 vegetable + 1 meat = S$3.50. We spent only S$12 for 2 portions of food and 2 packs of cold sliced fruits (@ S$2.00).

The drink station

I was not sure whether I have to pay for drinks, but I saw a lot of people just grab the drinks from the drink station, and some even went for a refill. So, i just did the same thing. Maybe it's free, or maybe the cashier had added the drink price to the bill, I am not sure.

They have hot drinks, such as tea and coffee, and cold ones, which they change daily. That day, they had bandung (rose milk syrup) and orange syrup. Some other times, they had banana and lychee syrup.

Cafe Mount E during lunch time

My father loves the food that sometimes he wants to eat there even though we do not have any doctor appointment at that time!lol

Cafe Mount E
Mount Elizabeth Hospital
3 Mount Elizabeth 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Garrett Popcorn, Singapore

While sipping and and chewing my yummy bubble tea, I passed by Garrett Popcorn! I remember buying it during my Chicago trip. The popcorn was greeeaattt!! One of the best popcorn in the world, I may say. Therefore, when I passed by the stall, I got so exited and decided to wait in line for it =D

Chicago Mix - S$7

Basically, there were only two kinds of popcorn here, the cheesecorn and the caramel. However, there were a lot of options regarding the mixing that you want. You can buy the cheesecorn or the caramelcrisp alone, or mixed it together. You can even buy the caramelcrisp mixed with peanuts, such as almond, macademia, and/or pecan for $9 for the smallest bag, which is a lot smaller than the one without peanuts.

Cheesecorn and Caramelcrisp

I picked the Chicago Mix, which was a mixed of cheesecorn and caramelcrisp. I generally love caramel popcorn. And, Garrett's caramelcrisp is the best! Just like the name, it was crispy and coated with sweet caramel perfectly. I even loved the cheesecorn. It was softier and puffier compare to caramelcrisp. To be honest, I found they were perfectly good if eaten together.

Garrett Popcorn
435 Orchard Road
Wisma Atria #B1-50

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Each-A-Cup, Singapore

Whenever I am in Singapore, I always get struck by bubble tea craze. I love bubble tea sooo much, it was my favorite comfort food! Super unfortunately, I cannot find a decent one here in Jakarta =( However, Singapore has a lot of choices of bubble tea that I have not even got the chance to try them all.

Anyway, I was walking around ION Orchard when I was attracted by quite a line in a bubble tea stall. It was called Each-A-Cup. I got excited that I felt like I also had to get in line and try one of those :p

Original Ice Milk Tea: Red Tea
with mini pearl and mixed fruit jelly- S$2.30

I tried its original milk tea. The original price was actually S$2.00. It came with one topping, but since I added  mixed fruit jelly, I had to pay $.30 more. Oh, and there's the thing about Singaporean bubble tea. In most places, you got to choose the sweetness level that you preferred. In Each-A-Cup you can choose from 0% to 120% level of sugar, with 20% increment.

I picked the 100% (normal) and it was a tad too sweet. Nonetheless, I still love it! It felt really good to have good bubble tea after getting disappointed by sucky pearl milk tea in Indonesia. The pearl and jelly were already sweet by themselves and perfectly chewy.

Each-A-Cup kiosk in ION Orchard

ION Orchard #B4-45
2 Orchard Turn

Monday, October 3, 2011

Canton-i, Singapore

I just came back from my Singapore trip, and that got me thinking why don't I share some of my foodie experiences while I was there also? So for the next few days, I'm going to write about some of the food I tried during my Singapore trips in the last few months.

For a couple of different reasons, I have to visit Singapore quite regularly. However, I stayed at Orchard area since my businesses were around the area as well. Therefore, the restaurants that I went were limited to the ones in Orchard area.


Anyway, my family and I were shopping around ION and came across Canton-i. Caught by the cute pink accent and bright light, my mom was eager to try it out.

The Interior

We were there on an early evening on a weekday, so the place as quiet. I love its interior, it's a mixed of Chinese and Peranakan style but on the edgy side. I love how they use bird cage as lamp shade and painted it white to make it more stylish. The main color was white with hot pink accent.

The super cute tableware

I also adore its tableware with little traditional Chinese children playing around pictures printed on it.

Hot and Sour Soup with Scallops in Szechuan Style - S$8.80/bowl

I love hot and sour soup and this one looked yummy, such a nice appetizer I thought. However, it did not taste as good as its look. The soup was too sour and the taste just was not mixed well.

Stir-fried Rice Noodles with Sliced Beef - S$16.80

My mother is a big fan of stir-fried rice noodles a.k.a kewtiauw goreng, so she would order it whenever she had the chance. We loved the rice noodles here. It was tasty and not too sweet. The sliced beef was also tender.

Braised Dried Seafood in Casserole - S$48.80

My parents also loved sea cucumber, or more like they believed that it was good for our health. The pot consisted of fish maw, sea cucumber, mushroom, pacific clam, and broccoli. They gave out big pieces of sea cucumbers just like how my parents loved it. However, the taste was just okay to me.

Sauteed Chinese Chives with Dried Shrimps and
Shredded Dried Cuttlefish - S$16.80

I did not know what Chinese Chives was, but it was sure tasty! I loved it! The cuttlefish was shredded super thinly that it looked like a curly anchovy instead. I loved this dish the most, and I was not a vegetable lover.

Hong Kong Milk Tea - S$4.50

It was okay but I feel like I have to give a shout out for the super cute cup, even though the cup in the menu picture looked a lot cuter :p!

Jasmine Fairy (before and after a couple of minutes) - S$4.00 

It was a mixed of Marigold, Gold Amaranth, and Chrysanthemum tea. We had to wait for a couple of minutes before drinking it to allow the tea flower to "bloom." It looked pretty :)

Lantern Chandelier

Overall, I enjoyed our dinner here. The service was great and I loved looking at its cute decoration and tableware. I heard they served good dim sum, so we will probably come back to try it out :D

ION Orchard #03-14
2 Orchard Turn
Ph: (65) 6509 8368
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