Monday, March 14, 2011

Magnum Cafe

 After lunch at SoHo, Mr. Foo and I wandered around GI for a while until we got tired and decided to get some drinks. Somehow, we passed by Magnum Cafe. Yes, it sounded like one of Ice Cream Wall's products, well, because it was! I do not watch TV and I think I missed a bunch of posters around GI about this cafe, which I realized later on.

It was on a weekday evening, and at that time they hadn't even had their grand opening yet, but there was quite a line to get a seat. Luckily, there were just the two of us and we did not mind to be seated in the smoking section. Later on, I noticed that the non-smoking section was the one with the garden theme. The garden section was super cute!

The cafe would be opened just for a few months, but yet they decorated it super nicely. It was managed by Ismaya Group. The interior would make you feel like you traveled through a time machine to the Victorian time, as it was also supported by the costumes of the waiters. They also addressed the customers as "My Lord" and "My Lady." I tried very hard not to burst out laughing when I heard that for the first time, not in a mocking way, of course, but more like because it was too cute :p

They had a giant magnum ice cream and a cinderella-like horse carriage in front of the restaurant that you can have fun taking pictures with ;), just like I did.

As the name, the main menu for this cafe is: Magnum ice cream. They even had a dipping station where you can make your own magnum and choose your topping to dip in your magnum. They also offered appertizer and main dishes, other than desserts.

The Magic Mocca (Rp 29k)
After flipping the drink menu back and forth, I decided to get the Magic Mocca, as suggested by the waiter. Mr. Foo ordered Lychee Ice Tea (Rp 18k - not pictured). The drink was soooo good! I really loved it. And, the chocolate decoration on the glass (pictured) was really really hard, I wondered how they made it.

Waffle Aristocrat - Rp 35k
We did not mean to order any dessert, really, since we were so full because of the lunch. However, after looking around the restaurant I saw most people ordered waffles and they looked really really nice, so we ordered Waffle Aristocrat. It was presented really well and tempting. They served the waffle with two sticks of magnum ice cream, chocolate and vanilla flavor, a banana, and some cookies with chocolate sauce. Despite the super fancy presentation, it tasted blah. The waffle itself was really lack of taste, and the ice cream came with the sticks that made it so hard to eat.

Anyway, last Friday, my friends and I decided to give Magnum Cafe another go. Well, most of them hadn't tried it yet. And...OMG the line was sooooooooooo long!

I had never seen a line this long for any restaurant, as long as I can recall. I might be wrong tho'. Oh well, The Cheesecake Factory in SF downtown might have longer line, but they gave out buzzer to people, so you can go out shopping while waiting and when it was almost your turn, your buzzer would vibrate. That way, people did not have to stand in the line for a very long time like this. So, we decided to have dinner somewhere else.

Even though I did not like the waffle, I loved the drinks. I might come back again just because it will close in 3 months, and will try out its other food. My advice though, come with a friend or two on the weekdays afternoon to avoid long line.

Oh, they will give out 10% discount if you are willing to fill out a survey.

Magnum Cafe
Grand Indonesia
West Mall, 5th Floor
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat


  1. You're a winner for having tried Magnum Cafe! =D I gave up everytime I see the long queue. Anw, thank you for humbling praise. =)

  2. I was just lucky, but not so lucky on the second try tho :p the line was ridiculous! your pictures are really beautiful anyway :)

  3. Wow... can't believe how long the line! Thinking to give it a try but I heard even on the weekdays still got unbelievable long line ;)

  4. @selba: the line was indeed such a huge turn off! and I think, the 3 months time frame makes people rushing for it even more.

  5. hukkss, sama, sampai sekarang ga kesampaian buat ke magnum cafe, itu antrian pas jumat malam yah? jam brpaan? katanya sih kalo respon pasarnya oke, maksimum akan diextend sampai 5bulan ga lebih

  6. @anakjajan: iya itu hr Jumat jan 7-8an. antriannya bikin males yaa hehe wahh klo gt harusnya bakal diextend nih, secara bener2 rame hehe


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