Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sop Buntut Ibu Heni

I always search for oxtail soup that is comparable to the one from Bogor Cafe and less pricey. A couple of my friends mentioned that the one here was good enough, or even better. I doubted it, but still I went :p And it's street food, so it should be a lot cheaper, at the least.

I went to the one in Sunter. Apparently the main one was in Muara Karang. I went there with one of my cousins and I wasn't hungry, so we decided to share.

Grilled Oxtail Soup
Like in Bogor Cafe, they offered 3 kinds of oxtail, which are grilled, fried, or served in the soup. I thought I was a pro enough in ordering oxtail soup (like there's such, so without hesitation and asking for any suggestion, I ordered the grilled oxtail soup, since in Bogor Cafe, the grilled one was the best. After ordering, I noticed that a lot of people actually ordered the fried one.

I should had asked for suggestion, because I really really didn't like its grilled oxtail. It has this annoying taste in the sauce, which I was not sure what it was. I was only able to taste one bite, and that's it. However, my cousin said that it was okay for him. And we liked that texture of the meat was tender.

On the other hand, the soup was tasty. I kept wanting more :p but they only gave so little of it. 

When it was the time to pay, we were shocked. The bill came in about Rp 60k for a portion of grilled oxtail soup, a portion of rice, and two glasses of ice tea. In my opinion, it was expensive considering it was in a tent, and not in an air-conditioned restaurant, if you know what I mean.

Note to self: always ask for recommendations when trying out new places!

Sop Buntut "Ibu Heni"
Jl. Taman Sunter Indah
Jakarta Utara
Ph: 0817 988 4783 / (021) 9562 2576


  1. blogwalking, salam kenal :) pnrh cobain dapur buntut blom? mrk ngetop buntut karamelnya, daku sempat cobain.
    Blog nya tentang shopping and makan2 yahhh? sama donkkkk hehehe, wanna exchange link? :)

  2. uups, maksudnya dapur buntut, daku belum sempat cobain

  3. wahh blm perna coba nih..thx log buat suggestionnya, kapan2 mau ah coba. dimana yah itu dapur buntut?hehe

    boleh.. aku masukin ke blog list ku yah..thanks, salam kenal juga yah :)

  4. aku add ke bloglistku jg yahh^^
    humm itu lokasinya agak susah dijelasin d, klo ga salah mrk ada websitenya tapi gatau enak ga, pnrh direview bbrp x di tv sih, blm kesampaian bt nyobain hehe^^ habisnya jauh

  5. ahhhh..kayanya lumayan tau deh tempatnyaa..thx yaahhh ntar deh aku coba hihi..kyny enak tuh sop buntut karamel..yummm


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