Monday, March 26, 2012

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.

First of all I want to say sorryyyy for being absent for the longest time. Life had been super busy. I got to travel around so much that I had to work day and night to make it up *sobbing...* Other than that, I broke my camera, which is the second most important instrument in writing this blog, other than my laptop, of course. Anyway, I got a new camera, so let's start again :D

Last weekend, my friend and I once again tried to get a table at Union, and as usual they were full! So we were headed to the parking space. The furniture rows had been transformed into 2 unique restaurants. They were Monolog and De Luca. Both of them are under the same management; they even share the phone number.


Since we were not really hungry, we decided to go to Monolog instead. We also found its brighter lighting more attractive. So we walked up to the nearest waitress who was standing in the front and asked for a table for two. However, the waitress was so rude, she basically told us that the only seats left were the ones at the bar. Looking at our hesitation, she just gave us the cold shoulder without saying anything else. I was not surprised at all, since that was my third visit to Monolog, and I can tell you that the waiters there were not really friendly. But my friend was a bit taken aback.

Luckily though, the owner greeted us friendly and told us that there was a small group of people who were leaving. I am not sure what's the deal with the waiters at the front, since a different waiter was also rude at me during my first visit. And just like that time, the owner attentively found us a seat.

Macho Nachos - Rp 63k

Once we were inside, the atmosphere of the service was completely different, the incident before was easily forgotten. The waiter who took our order was super friendly. Oddly enough, I roughly remembered that he was the one who basically turned his shoulder on me during my first visit.

Anyway, I was in torn between the nachos and escargot for the appetizer, and he said that the nachos was more popular. So we went with his recommendation. The nachos was sooooo good! We had not had good nachos lately, so we were really happy to find a good one. The chips themselves were already tasty. They also gave enough salsa and melted cheese, and just a little avocado. We literally could not stop munching our nachos while chitchatting. The portion was huge that we were almost full when the entree came out.

Monolog Croque Madame - Rp 68k

I ordered the Croque Madame since I just had a super good one in Social House. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera that time so I could not write the review :( Croque Madame is basically French grilled sandwich with egg on top. The one in Monolog was plastered with pesto, which made it unique and aromatic. However, the pesto also made the grilled wheat bread a bit soggy. It came with generous amount of grilled mushroom and melted cheese. The portion was big that I stopped halfway and decided to finished off the nachos :p This one was good but to be honest I like the one in Social House better.

Monolog Egg Cheese Burger - Rp 78k

My friend got the Egg Cheese Burger. Well, it was self explanatory; the burger came with fried egg and melted cheese. I got to try it a little bit, and I could tell that it was good. The beef patty was thick and yet it was full of flavor.

Monolog Sweet Thai Iced Tea  and
Lychee Iced Tea - Rp 32k ea

For drink, I got the Sweet Thai Ice Tea. I love it! I am not a tea expert, but to me it did not taste like a regular Thai tea. In fact, it was similar to London fog latte, which is earl grey with milk and vanilla. The composition was perfect. It was enough for you to tell that there was milk in it but not overpowering. Correct me if I'm wrong. My friend got the Lychee Iced Tea. I love its aroma but it was not sweet enough for me.

De Luca (left) and Monolog (right)
Overall, I really like Monolog. There was a lot of room for improvement on service. But, the food was good, the price was okay, and the ambiance was cozy and welcoming. I can assure you that I'll be back despite the rude front door staff :p

Oh, I should have mentioned that I tried to call them earlier in the evening and they said that they did not take any reservation.

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 B
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: (021) 572-5144

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