Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cafe Mount E, Singapore

Whenever I go to Singapore with my parents, it usually means check up/doctor time. And I can assure you it takes a whole day, or sometimes even a few days. They always make the time to go to Mount Elizabeth Hospital. It was close to Orchard Road. During lunch time in between appointments with doctors, we usually have our lunch in Paragon just across the street, or in the hospital's cafeteria.

The cafeteria was called Cafe Mount E. It was newly renovated that made it more comfortable. However, it was super crowded with nurses, doctors, and staff during lunch time.

1 vegetable + 2 meat = S$4.00

There was no menu here. Basically we just need to wait in line and point out what we want and then pay at the cashier. The food here is quite tasty and super cheap! My favorite was the fried chicken. It was boneless and delicious. I always added veggies, and that time I decided to added some fish balls. I thought, the fish balls were leftover from the breakfast menu since it was already cold.

I was not sure how much it costed me. Anyway, my dad loves its fried fish, and he always gets that and some veggies also. I saw the signboard ad it said 1 vegetable + 2 meat = S$4, meanwhile 2 vegetable + 1 meat = S$3.50. We spent only S$12 for 2 portions of food and 2 packs of cold sliced fruits (@ S$2.00).

The drink station

I was not sure whether I have to pay for drinks, but I saw a lot of people just grab the drinks from the drink station, and some even went for a refill. So, i just did the same thing. Maybe it's free, or maybe the cashier had added the drink price to the bill, I am not sure.

They have hot drinks, such as tea and coffee, and cold ones, which they change daily. That day, they had bandung (rose milk syrup) and orange syrup. Some other times, they had banana and lychee syrup.

Cafe Mount E during lunch time

My father loves the food that sometimes he wants to eat there even though we do not have any doctor appointment at that time!lol

Cafe Mount E
Mount Elizabeth Hospital
3 Mount Elizabeth 

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