Monday, November 7, 2011

Pizza Hut, Singapore

Back to my Singapore trip review. One day my mom had a sudden crave for Pizza Hut. how funny is that. So we went to the branch in Lucky Plaza for early lunch. The place was almost empty when we arrived, but it was full as we finished eating.

Fruitti Salad - S$5.80

Pizza Hut menu in Singapore is slightly different to the one in Indonesia. For example, my mom loves the salad bar in Pizza Hut Indonesia, but the one in Singapore did not have that. Therefore, she ordered the fruit salad instead. It was a toss of lettuce, diced green apple, mangoes, pineapple bits and fresh strawberries drizzled with mayonnaise. It was supposed to come with raisin too, but they ran out of it. The salad was just okay. However, I have to mention that the pineapple was a bit different than normal pineapple we have in Indonesia, and it was great (and I actually do not like pineapple). It was soft and sweet.

Bruschetta with Mushroom - S$5.50

We also ordered the bruschetta with mushroom as appetizer, but the food did not look appetizing at all! The description said it was baked baguette flavored with garlic spread, topped with marinated button mushroom and chopped parsley. However, the claimed button mushroom was super small and chopped! The parsley was minimal in sight, not that I cared about it. We could not taste the mushroom at all since it was tiny, but overall it surprisingly tasted good.

9" Regular Super Supreme Pan Pizza - S$17.50

We also ordered the medium size of super supreme pan pizza. It came with ground beef, cabanossi sausages, beef pepperoni, chicken ham, capsicums, onions, olives, mushroom and pineapple chucks. I kind of like that the pizza was pillowy.

Mango Tango and Strawberry Paradise - S$4.60 ea

For drinks my mom ordered the Strawberry Paradise and I got the Mango Tango. Both were actually similar. It was tea mixed with passion fruit syrup and strawberry puree for Strawberry Paradise, and mango puree for Mango Tango. It was supposed to come with aloe vera bits but we did not get any. Both drinks were refreshing.

Pizza Hut
Lucky Plaza #01-67-9/71-72
304 Orchard Rd
Ph: (65) 6735 0674

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  1. Beautiful pictures..I heard that they have new additions to their menu.. A lot of new stuff this 2012..I also heard of an Italian Chili Crab from a new restaurant..Lots of things to try.. I will wait for a review from you though..


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