Friday, August 26, 2011

The Goods Cafe

The Goods Cafe is located inside The Goods Dept, a department store that specialized in Indonesian ready-to-wear label, in Plaza Indonesia. My friend and I did not intend to have dinner there actually. We just checked out The Goods Dept, then I felt hungry, so off we go to the cafe.

It was full tonight, but since there were just the two of us, it was easier to get a seat. Oh and I feel like I have to mention a traffic report on a side note, Jakarta's traffic tonight was super friendly. I believe most of its citizens had gone mudik or on holiday. Thus, there were just the two of us, since most of my friends had gone on holiday as well.

Classic Burger - Rp 50k
We decided to share the Classic Burger. You can add blue cheese or gruyere cheese for Rp 10k each. We didn't add any of the cheese. And it was greaaaaaat! We really liked the burger, we even loved the potato wedges with shredded parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. The beef patty was perfectly grilled and it was juicy. The only thing that we hate was the bitter leaves in the salad. I didn't dare to touch it. yuck

Caesar Salad - Rp 40k
The Caesar Salad looked simple with grilled chicken, oven roasted tomato, avocado, and parmesan. You can add poached egg for Rp5k and/or bacon for another Rp 15k. We didn't add anything to it. And again, the salad was good. We cleaned the bowl in minutes!haha..

Baileys Caramel - Rp 50k
When I looked at the Shakes section, I got overly excited that they offered Baileys shakes :p The waitress suggested Baileys Milkshake, and I initially ordered that. However, I could not get over the thought of Baileys and Caramel, both are my favorite!, mixed together, so I changed my order to Baileys Caramel. It was basically Baileys Milkshake, which were Baileys, scoops of vanilla ice cream, and milk, mixed with caramel. It was beyond wonderful! I really really love it! However, my friend said it was too sweet, but it was perfect for me :D The only downside was the price. It was the same price as the burger O.O! but me likey..

I heard a lot of good reviews about this place but I didn't think it would be this good! I really like it, definitely will come back ;)

The Goods Cafe
Plaza Indonesia Extension, 4th Floor
Jl. Moh. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
Ph: (021) 2992 3628


  1. btw ud beberapa kali lewatin goods tapi blon sempet cobain makanan disana. minggu depan pengen coba deh. denger2 burger nya emang enak yaaa penasaran :D

  2. iyaa cobain ajaaa...enak!gw sukaaa hehe...burgernya enakkk tp denger2 ada menu burger yg di rub coffee dulu, ktny itu jg enak.hehe

  3. helllooooow salam kenal :) duh makin mantap buat nyobain ini! :) tengkiu ya! boljug mampir2 di blog ku yah: :D

  4. hai salam kenal jg ellen :D cerita2 juga yahhh kalo jadi mampir ;)


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