Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ayam Penyet Jakarta

I passed by this newly opened restaurant a lot since it was close to my office. My coworkers and I had always wanted to try it but they were always crowded. During this Fasting month, some of us (who did not fast) thought it might be the right time to try it out. Even so, the restaurant was full, so we got seated on the second floor.

The food towers!
What attracted me is the towers (piles) of food in the display case.

Nasi Gado Ayam Penyet - Rp 13k
To be honest with you, I do not really get they idea of smashed _ _ _ (fill in the blank), like smashing ribs, smashing chicken, etc. They do NOT look smashed whatsoever, in fact they always look appetizing and neatly still intact to their bones. In this case, the chicken was actually fried though. I ordered the smashed chicken with gado-gado (Indonesian salad), and it was good! The meat was juicy, tender, and easily fall of the bone. The Gado-gado was so so.

Kripik Kentang - Rp9k
We also ordered the spicy potato chips for share. Needless to say, a portion was not enough for the five of us. We had to fight for It was great. The chips was thin and crunchy. Furthermore, it was not too spicy that I was able to enjoy it :)

Tahu Tempe Goreng - Rp1k each
Yes you read it correctly, it was only Rp 1,000 each! They were okay..I am not a big fan of tahu tempe, but my coworkers love it.

Orange Juice - Rp 7k
The orange juice felt soooo refreshing since the restaurant did not have any

Ayam Penyet "Jakarta"
Even though the name was Ayam Penyet Jakarta, they actually first opened in Medan, and this was their first branch in Jakarta! Overall, I really liked the food and will come back, IF I'm in the area. However, if you live far from the place and have to specially drive there, I do not think it's worth it.

Ayam Penyet "Jakarta"
Jl. Raya Cilandak KKO No. 9
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: (021) 7825-641

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  1. pesan untuk menu saur bisa ga ?
    ayam goreng 4x
    tahu 10x
    tempe 10x
    sambel 3

    lokasi jl.masjid al falah kp.utan rt 12/08 ragunan
    jks 12550
    dibayar tunai dilokasi


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