Monday, September 20, 2010

Begging a Beggar Chicken at Chicken Village

Imagining Madcon's song: Beggin'. lol I am just kidding. I hate that song actually.
After dimsum-ing (if the word even exists :p ), I watched Sammy's Adventure with my cousins. The movie was entertaining to me, but somehow they dragged it too long in the middle.

Then, one of my cousins suggested to get dinner at Gokana. While walking there, we passed by Chicken Village, which heavily promoted its Beggar Chicken.I had been curious about it for quite a long time. While we were debating over which restaurant we would have dinner at, I saw a promotion banner! They had a 50% off for food promotion, if one spent Rp 200,000 or over on food and pay with HSBC credit card. It did not take long lime for us to decide where we would have dinner! money talks haha

Beggar Chicken - Rp 168,000

The  beggar chicken was indeed unique. They served it by the side of our table on a tray with a hammer next to the chicken. Then a waiter came up and smashed it right in front of us. All of the people around us turned their heads and watched the free smashing-beggar-chicken show.

What;s inside

So basically the already-cooked chicken was covered in leaves and aluminium foil. Then they covered it with chicken shaped clay. It tasted blah.. I did not like it at all! Moreover for the price, and we had to order the whole chicken. To meet Rp 200,000 we also ordered dim sum.

Lumpia Kulit Tahu Goreng Isi Udang - Rp 13,800
Pictured with Nasi Hainam - Rp 7,800

Wotie Isi Udang dan Sayuran - Rp 13,800

Sweet Village - Rp 19,800

The dim sum was ok, but if you consider the price after discount, it was I mean where else in Jakarta one could find dim sum at Rp7,000 per portion. The wotie with vegetables was not good, but it might be caused by my childhood hatred towards veggie. The drink was ok too.

Will I come back again? I might come back again for the dim sum (moreover, before Nov 14, when the promotion will expire), but not for the beggar chicken. The experience was awesome, but I just need it once in my lifetime.

Chicken Village
Mall Kelapa Gading
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard Raya 
Ground Level
Jakarta Utara - Indonesia

Summarecon Mall Serpong
Downtown Wal Unit #20
Serpongm Tangerang - Indonesia

Supermal Karawaci
WS Floor Unit 10
Karawaci - Tangerang


  1. Interesting presentation. Can you eat the shell after they broke it?

  2. Yes, it was interesting indeed. But unfortunately, the shell wasn't edible. You won't want to eat it though.haha It's made of clay, and they took it away after it's smashed.


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