Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Puff

We passed by Mr. Puff after having dinner at Hachi Hachi Bistro. I was too full that even dessert didn't sound appealing to me. However, one of my cousins decided to stop by. Since I was really full, I decided not to get any, yet they forced me to get some!dayum... I did believe that they were on a mission to fail my diet program!lol

Mr. Puff, Central Park
My cousin loved Mr. Puff. I love cream puff, in fact I am a Beard Papa addict, but I had never tried Mr. Puff's before. I remembered back then during my college years, I often went to Bread Papa just to get some cream puffs in the middle of group meetings :p However, I heard the stall near my university had closed down :(

I always love the crunchy shell. Beard Papa called it Cookie Shell, while Mr. Puff named it Polo Puff. They looked similar but I felt Beard Papa had bigger size. However, Mr. Puff's looked crunchier.

Polo Puff was priced a bit higher at Rp 8k compared to the Original Puff, which was priced Rp 7k. Other than those two, they have other choices of shells, but I forgot what they were. Sowwiii... :p

Polo Puff with Chocholate Filling - Rp 8k
Mr. Puff had more filling choices compare to Beard Papa. They had Chocolate, Vanilla, Green Tea, Rhum, and Mocca. In Beard Papa, I usually ordered the regular one a.k.a the not-so-boring vanilla. Looking at the different choices, I temped to order the rhum or mocca. However, my cousin had ordered the chocolate one for me :(

Well, it was great but personally I still prefer Beard Papa cream puff, even though it is more expensive. The shell at Beard Papa is crunchier and bigger. However, Mr. Puff gave me more filling than Beard Papa, I believed.

Mr. Puff
Central Park
Lower Ground #202
Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat
Ph: (021) 5698 5316

They also have other outlets in:
Senayan City, 5th Floor
Mall Taman Anggrek, 4th Floor
Plaza Indonesia, 5th Floor
Emporium Mall


  1. g malah lebih suka mrpuff, biasa selalu pesan yang polo dengan isi vla rhum, creamy and yummy~, dimakan dingin2 paling endang

  2. iya banyak yg lbh suka Mr.Puff yaaa....kyny gr3 uda kebiasaan Beard Papa, jd a bit fanatic!hahaha aduhh jd kesel ya kmrn ini dipeseninnya yg cokelat :( kapan2 cobain ahh yg rhummm hehe

  3. I like Mr Puff better too :D
    with the chocolate filling, yumm...

    emang selera beda2 sih yah, hehe..

  4. @Niya: ternyata bnyk ya fans nya Mr.Puff!haha gw memang gk begitu suka chocolate filling sih..hehe selera emg beda2 haha


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