Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mad for Garlic

I went there on a weekday evening. I heard the restaurant was super crowded so I made a reservation. Turned out, it wasn't busy at all, maybe because it was a weekday night. 

The front of the restaurant was small. It actually reminded me of an Italian pizza stove, dont you think so? Mad for Garlic served Italian food with Korean twist, since the chain restaurant was originated from Korea. The main ingredient was...Garlic!bingo! However, you don't need to be a garlic biggest fan to try it out. All of the dishes essentially contained garlic, but in most of them you could barely taste it. And again, garlic is good for your health. 

They take garlic to another level, Garlic Chandeliers! who would have thought of it. I just had to post a picture of it.
Dracula Killer - Rp 45k
We got the Dracula Killer for appetizer. It was soft garlic bread served with garlic cooked in olive oil and anchovie. They always offer to put cheese on top of every dish. The garlics were served as if they were escargots, which my friends and I joked that the dish was fake escargot.
The way to eat it was to put the garlic in the middle of the sliced garlic bread, and they told us that it's better to eat this while it's still hot. For the taste, we did not really like it. You could barely taste the garlic, which was good, but you knew it was there. The garlic was soft and a bit gooey. The sauce lacked of its flavor compare to the usual escargot sauce.

Garlic Snowing Pizza - Rp 115k
We got the Garlic Snowing Pizza to share as the waiter said it was one of their favorite menus. It was basically sweet garlic pizza topped with shrimp and pineapple, but we ordered one without pineapple. It was my favorite menu there!I love it. The pizza crust was thin. It has sweet creamy sauce, which I found it to be different than any other pizza, and I loved it! There were garlic sprout and fried sliced garlic. Again, you could barely taste it, but I prefer the fried sliced one tho'.

Garlicpeno Pasta - Rp60k
It was described as Mad for Garlic special pasta with full of garlic and Mexican pepper. It has three chili sign, meaning it's super spicy. For you who didn't know, I could not stand any spicy food. Thus, I just had one bite and it was spicy, but my friends said it was not -.-' It was my friends' favorite dish there that night.

Triple Garlic Pasta - Rp 110k
Another friend ordered triple garlic pasta, which was spicy seafood pasta served with fresh mussel, shrimp, cuttle fish, and garlic sprout. This one just had one chili sign, and I could take it. There was a lot of seafood in the plate. However, my friends said that they love garlicpeno pasta better.

Anyway, it did not end here. Throughout the rest of the night until the next day noon, I could still feel the garlic! and I'm not talking about garlic breath, it's more like garlic taste in my saliva or something, I had spent more time brushing my time, it didn't work. One of my friends who dined together also felt the same way, but others did not. I had to drink a cup of coffee to eliminate this feeling -.-' geez it was a bit

Mad for Garlic
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, Ground Floor, 20A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat
Ph (62-21) 2358-1076

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