Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm sorry if I don't post anything lately. Life has never been busier, some things came up, and I'm just back from Bali XD. Well, anyway I'm back!! yippiee..

One day after work, a good friend of mine suddenly called me and asked me to accompany me grab some snack. He was craving for sushi, and since we were close to Mall Artha Gading at that time, we went there. There were a couple of restaurants that served sushi in the mall, but we picked Daisho.

My sister really like Daisho in Mall Kelapa Gading, so I thought why didn't we give the one in MAG a shot. I passed by this restaurant a lot of time, but never been there.

Back: New York Roll (Rp 31.5k) &
Front: Crunchy Unagi Roll (Rp 21.5k)
Since it was just for snack, we ordered the medium size (4 pieces, while the large size consists of 8 pieces) for both sushi. The waiter said that New York Roll was one of the favorites, and I also ordered Crunchy Unagi Roll just because I loveee unagi :p Well, they were actually quite good. We finished them up just by the blink of eyes. I think we were really

Cold & Hot Ocha (Rp 8k ea)
Overall, I think the sushi rolls are good, but whether it is better than Sushi Tei, well you guys decide ;)

Daisho Express
Mall Artha Gading
2nd Floor, Blok B2 No. 8-10
Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading Selatan No. 1
Jakarta Utara
Ph: (021) 4586-4204

Mall Kelapa Gading
MKG 3, Ground Floor
Food Hall, Food Court area
Jakarta Utara

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