Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ismaya Catering Cafe

After having lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market, my friend and I continued shopping in Grand Indonesia. After a while, we were thirsty and tired of walking, so we decided to stop for a while. We were at Level One, so we stopped by at Ismaya Catering Cafe.

It was located in the middle of Level One shopping area. It was divided into 2 zoning area, smoking and non smoking. The smoking area was inside the restaurant, while the non smoking one was outside, near the Level One cash register. Inside, there was also an office for Ismaya Catering Co. Anyway, even though we were seated at the non smoking area, we could somehow smell the smoke X(

Choco Loco Cupcake - Rp 25k
My friend decided to ordered Choco Loco Cupcake. Well, she actually preferred the royal velvet one, but they ran out of it. The Choco Loco Cupcake was just an ordinary chocolate cupcake, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, nothing fancy. Furthermore, it was rather dry. We didn't like it.

Ice Tea - Rp 15k
Lychee Refresher - Rp 30k
My friend ordered ice tea, while I, feeling a bit adventurous, ordered Lychee Refresher. The waitress who served us was newly hired, so she didn't know the description of anything on the menu. When I asked her what's in the lychee refresher, and her answer was: "It is um...lychee drink" duuhhh..-.- I expected her to continue her explanation, but she just stood there looking at me staring at her blankly, so she continued,"Well, I don't know. I'm new here *giggle*" And that's it -.-' I understood since she was new, but I could not accept her lack of initiative to find out the answer.

I ordered it anyway. Turned out, it was lychee drink with soda, and I could feel ginger in it. So I think it was ginger ale mixed with lychee syrup served with lychees. Even though in the menu it was mentioned as their signature drink, I did not really like it. It tastes rather weird to me.

Ismaya Catering Cafe

Ismaya Catering Cafe
Grand Indonesia, East Mall
Level 1, Unit 19-20
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat

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