Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sushi Box, Food Sensation

I usually accompany my mom grocery shopping every Saturday. We went to Farmer's Market in Mall Kelapa Gading this time. Afterwards, I felt a bit hungry, so we decided to grab some snacks at a food court right in front of the supermarket, Food Sensation.

There were several food courts in MKG, and this one was located in MKG1 on the ground level. As for my observation, the food court focused on its Indonesian food theme. Therefore, Sushi Box felt a little bit out of place which made it stand out against the other tenants.
Yakuza Roll - Rp 39k
I ordered the Yakuza Roll, which consisted of tamago and tempura flakes and topped with unagi and teriyaki sauce. It was inexpensive compare to the other sushi restaurant in MKG. However, I would prefer if it comes with shrimp tempura, and not only tempura flakes :p As for the taste, I liked it, but the size was a bit small.

I'm sorry I couldn't get a nicer picture of the counter since the corridor was packed with people passing by. This is the best I could get with a super close-up of a customer's back :(

Sushi Box
Food Sensation
Mall Kelapa Gading 1
Ground Floor #194
Jakarta Utara

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