Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nanny's Pavillon: Livingroom

I had been curious about Nanny's Pavillon the Living room for a while, since it was their first branch in Jakarta. However, having it located in Citywalk Sudirman always drew me back since I had to make a special trip there.

Nanny's Pavillon: Living room

The restaurant was almost empty on a Saturday evening. However, when my friend and I left during dinner time, I noticed there were more people coming.

The super cute menu book

I love every details on each of Nanny's pavillon branches. They successfully managed to decorate each of them with different themes. I even love its menu book!

Nanny's Mango Cocktail - Rp 40k

Nanny's Cocktail was for sharing. The menu said it was for 4 people, while I think it was about enough for the two of us. There were 2 choices, mango and blueberry; and as you can see, we picked mango. There were chopped apples, mango, and strawberry mixed with mango flavored drink. The drink was sweet but the fruit bits was a bit too sour so that it was refreshing. However, it was really too sour for my tastebud, my friend loved it though.

Anyway, look at the cute uniform that the waitress wore!

Grilled Baby Potato - Rp 27k

Since we were there during afternoon tea time, we were just up for some snacks and waffle, so we ordered the grilled baby potato. It looked super cute with puffy mini potatoes. However, it tasted blah. The baby potatoes were almost tasteless and we did not like the texture of the potato skins. We did not finish it.

Blueberry Cheese Waffle - Rp 29k

It was actually Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake in the menu, but we asked the waitress to substitute the pancake roll for waffle. The waffle was served with cream cheese, blueberry sauce, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I loved the waffle, it was soft but a bit soggy. The blueberry sauce was a bit sour funnily complimented the salty cream cheese.

The non smoking area

The waffle was great, but we were not impressed with its appetizer. I would definitely visit their other branches :) I really adore their concept with cute details and decorations!

p.s even the website was beyond cute!!!do not forget to check it out.

Nanny's Pavillon: Livingroom
Citywalk Sudirman
Ground Floor
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No. 121
Jakarta Pusat
Ph: (021) 2555 8477


  1. I Like the sewing room at Gandaria city better than this living room :)

  2. @Darina: I haven't been there!but definitely will check it out. You make me want to go there ASAP :D


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