Friday, March 18, 2011


Mr. Foo and I decided to go to Cassis for our late-Valentine's Day dinner on a Wednesday night. He suggested that we did not need to make a reservation, since everytime we went to fancy restaurants in Jakarta, the places were almost always empty. 

So on the day, we went to the restaurant. We walked through the hallway and saw Moya Tapas and Wine Bar and Harum Manis. But wait a minute, where's Cassis? We couldn't find it. Being desperately hungry and confused, Mr. Foo asked the waiter at Moya where Cassis was. Aaaannnddd it turned out that Cassis was under renovation!!!!

Anyway, he also mentioned that we could still order food from Cassis but seated in Moya. However, they did not have any available table at that time, and offered us to sit at the bar instead. I was sooo pissed off. It's not that I don't like sport bar, but I don't want to celebrate my Valentine's Day watching soccer match. I thought he knew that I wasn't happy, so he offered us to be seated at Harum Manis, instead. The three of them was under the same management.

It was about 8.30 p.m. and I was so hungry, so going to another restaurant was not an option. So we decided to get seated at Harum Manis instead. The ambience in Harum Manis was nice, actually. I could smell sheer Jasmine aroma, and it put me at ease in no time.

Mr. Foo was like debating with himself whether we should get the Tasting menu or just ordered the a la carte. In the end, we decided to just order from the a la carte menu since he really wanted to try the Grade 9+ Wagyu.

Escargot - around Rp 150k
We had the escargot as an appertizer and it was soooooo good!!!! The shells were already peeled off the snails, and they add those crumbs on top which made it had a different feeling than the usual bread topping.
Wagyu grade 5 cooked medium - around Rp500k
I'm sorry for not remembering the menu details (name, what's on it, etc) and the price precisely. It was my best try :( 

Anyway, my steak was HUGE! I couldnt finish it, but it tasted good. It came with mashed potato with black truffle sauce.
Wagyu Grade 9+ - around Rp 800k
Mr. Foo's wagyu was cooked either medium or medium rare. It was juicy and tender. I forgot what it came with. But to be honest, both of the steaks we're not really memorable, even though they were nice.

We didn't get to order any dessert since it seemed like we were the only customers left, at the time we finished our steaks. Note to self: ALWAYS make a reservation, anywhere, anytime. I learned it the hard way.

All in all, other than the incident, which was our fault to begin with, the food experience was satisfying. We planned to visit it next time once they're done with the renovation (around June 2011, if I'm not mistaken) to try the Tasting menu.

Note to management: I hope they utilize the website more.

Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur, Kav. 24
Jakarta Pusat 
Tel: (62-21) 5794 1500 

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