Monday, March 21, 2011

Bogor Cafe

If one asks Mr. Foo, what's the best food in Jakarta, Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup) from Bogor Cafe would make it to the top list. It was indeed one of the most legendary food in Jakarta. I might be a bit exaggerating there, but it was super famously delicious!

Bogor Cafe was located in Hotel Borobudur. They also offered lunch and dinner buffet. The oxtail soup was also offered in the buffet and actually the price for the buffet was only about Rp15k-ish more, but you'd get to try other food as well. However, I always ordered the oxtail soup a la carte because I did not like buffet; it would make me eat more than necessary.

Free Bread
The free bread was kinda good. Maybe it was because I was super hungry. The butter bread was soft to my liking.
Grilled  Oxtail Soup - Rp 116k
There were three kinds of oxtail offered,the original, fried, and grilled oxtail; The soup would be the same though. I had tried them all, and both of the original and fried oxtail were just okay, but the Grilled oxtail was superb! The oxtail was perfectly sweet and tender, and the soup was just heavenly. It was indeed the best oxtail soup in town, or in the world if I may say. But it was kind of pricey though.

For the drink we had Hot Earl Grey Tea (Rp 35k) and Ice Lychee Tea (Rp 53k), both were not pictured.

It was just proper to say that the oxtail soup was the best and worthed the price. Legendary food was priceless, indeed.

Bogor Cafe
Hotel Borobudur
Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan
Jakarta Pusat
Tel: (62-21) 3805555

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