Friday, April 1, 2011

Starbucks Coffee: petite menu

I'm not going to review its coffee, since I'm not a coffee expert myself. In fact, my doctor does not really allow me to drink too much coffee. I went there with a bunch of high school friends for catching up. 

Ice Green Tea Latte, Grande - Rp 36k
(got it upsized from Tall using BCA credit card)
Ice Green Tea Latte is one of my favorite non coffee drinks in Starbuck. Anyway, do you notice something different? Yes, the logo is different. It's Starbucks' new logo. I'm not going to discuss about the controversy whether its expansion beyond coffee is a good idea or not. 

However, what do you think of the new logo? They basically drops  the "Starbucks Coffee" green band to suit their new concept. I personally love the previous logo more. It might be because I'm used to it, who knows. I think they should just keep the old logo for the coffee, and use the new logo for the other things. Oh well...
Cake pops: Birthday, Rocky Road, Tiramisu
When I was about to pay, I saw these cute little things in the counter, and I just had to try it!lol 
Rocky Road Cake Pop - Rp 12,5k
Cake pop was actually the most popular products (at least in the US) of Starbucks petite menu.I tried the Rocky Road one. It was basically chocolate basically cake and icing dipped in dark chocolate, then rolled in mini marshmallows and roasted almonds. It looked really cute with the mini marshmallows; they were so small that you could barely taste Most of my friends did not like how it taste. I found it was just okay, and it actually felt umm...not fresh. I was disappointed since I heard a lot of great reviews about it from my US friends. 
Whopie Pie Red Velvet - Rp 13,5k each (Rp 25k for 2)
My friends LOVED this so much and raved about it for days! Therefore, I was really curious to try it. The whopie pie had cream cheese frosting filling. They were just okay too. In fact, they were too sweet, if I may say. Starbucks petite menu failed me :(

Starbucks Coffee

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