Thursday, June 23, 2011

Din Tai Fung

I had a meeting at Senayan area last Tuesday. There were not so many of us. And since most of us felt a bit unwell, Din Tai Fung sounded quite healthy to me.

Crab Meat, Roe, and Chicken Dumpling
(Xiao Long Bao isi Kepiting dan Ayam) - Rp 68k for 6pcs

While waiting for another person to come, my brother ordered the crab meat and chicken xiao long bao. I used to hate eating xiao long bao, because I always ended up making a mess. But that's was before I read the placemat at Din Tai Fung. It told me how to eat xiao long bao properly! Geez I was really thankful, now I could eat xiao long bao neatly =D

Din Tai Fung was known for its xiao long bao. I would say they were good, but not overly delicious. yes, I love the juice in the little bao, but overall it was just okay to me.

Bubble Tea - Rp 22k
Have I told you how I miss good bubble tea so sooo baaddd?! so can you imagine how excited I was when I read that they had bubble tea. I ordered it instantly, not even my sore throat could stop me. and I did not regret it at all. They were good. The boba (bubble/pearl/whatever you may call it) were chewy and sweet, generally just like how I love it. It was not perfect, but it was more than good enough to satisfy my craving. The only downside was it was super small in term of portion that ordering one glass would not enough.

Chinese Tea - Rp 9k
The waiter would give you chinese tea automatically if you do not order any drink. Well, since the bubble tea was super small, and my sore throat was calling for hot drink, so I also got the Chinese Tea.

Ja Jang Noodle w/ Spinach Noodle - Rp 46k
For the main dish, I got the Ja Jang Noodle. Basically, you can choose the between the regular or spinach noodle. I picked the spinach noodle. Overall, the noodle was good. I really love the sweet sauce.

Din Tai Fung
Plaza Senayan
3rd Floor #318C
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: (021) 5790 0163

also available at:
Pondok Indah Mall, 3rd Floor
Pacific Place, 5th Floor
Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Ground Floor
Plaza Indonesia, L3
Mall of Indonesia, Ground Floor

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