Wednesday, June 8, 2011

M by Musa "The Luric (She)'ll", Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2011

I was invited to the annual M by Musa Fashion Show during JFFF. It was held in Grand Ballroom Hotel Harris Kelapa Gading on May 20, 2011. M by Musa is Musa Widyatmodjo's ready-to-wear collection. This year was special since Musa Widyatmodjo collaborated with Yogi Soegyono who brought a new breath to the collection.

The invitation said that the show was to start on 6.30 sharp. Howeveeeerrr, I still had to wait for more than 30 minutes, while I was actually 30 minutes late! So the show was about an hour late -.-' Furthermore, I think the committee was not well prepared, since I noticed some people came in late and they did not have enough seats for them, even for some of the VIP O.O! Anyway, Titiek Puspa, Jeremy and Ina Thomas, and some socialites were spotted in the front row.

M by Musa in JFFF 2011
A bit accident, though, I forgot to charge my camera battery! Horror I know, so I decided not to take any picture. But then, in the middle of the show I was like, heck why should I care, I should just snap everything til the battery died down, so that's what I did. However, I already missed some of the collection :( There were a lot though, I didn't count but I am sure there were at least 70 different collection sets.

The show itself was divided into 3 sections. I really love the long catwalk. This year collection was influenced by Chinese cheongsam just like before, but this one also had the Victorian feels with its lace and silhouette, and not to forget the thick Indonesian heritage was shown. There were a lot of jacquard long coats and dresses. I saw a lot of basic colors like black, grey, white and red, with a pop of green and electric here and there. Some of the models wore hats, inspired by the British in the Royal Wedding probably?

In the middle of the show, there was this little lady model suddenly made an appearance. She was so adorable and people were going like "aawww..." I had to say that she successfully stole the spotlights! She would appear again near the end of the show.

Moving on, the audiences were again surprised by a male model who was holding those two little guys' hands wearing matching jackets. Well, there were really cute (are they twins?), but I started to think, how many children would be in the show. I strongly felt he should pick the girl OR the boys, but not all of them. Furthermore, I couldn't help but notice the resemblance with Brad Koenig and his son wearing matching jackets in Chanel Spring 2011 Fashion Show.

M by Musa "The Luric (She)'ll"
Overall, I really love the show and the collection. I am sold! I definitely will buy some of the clothes. The clothes are unique, affordable, practical, wearable, and surely beautiful. I also love its detail in each of the clothing items. I think ready-to-wear clothing is a growing business. More Indonesian designers should have their own ready-to-wear collection. We do not go to parties everyday, but we definitely go out often.

M by Musa can be found in Sogo Department Store and Gaya, Plaza Indonesia.

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