Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FashiObssession: Louis Vuitton Beauty Pumps

Last week, I went to Singapore and brought a magazine home, Female Sep 2010 edition. One spreadsheet stood out the most: Return to Form. My scanner didn't work, so I took a picture of the article.

I held my breath when I saw the SHOES. The adrenaline pumped up and I knew that I had to have them! Turns out, they were Louis Vuitton Beauty Pumps from the Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection. They are available in 3 different heights, and I find that each of them are equally beautiful. So, here they are:

in calf leather

10.5 cm (4.2") for $815 or euro

7.5 cm (3") for $790 or 550 euro

3.5 cm (1.4") for $760

in Crocodile
10.5 cm (4.2") for 6,400 euro
in Ostrich

10.5 cm (4.2") for $2,580 or 1,800 euro
in Satin with Crocodile-print calf leather heels and Ostrich-print calf leather bow

10.5 cm or (4.2") for $890 or 620 euro
in Velvet with heels covered in Swarovski strass and Satin bow

10.5 cm (4.2") for $1,420 or 990 euro
7.5 cm (3") for $1,390
3.5 cm (1.4") for $1,360 or 950 euro
pictures courtesy of Louisvuitton.com (US  version for price in USDand France in euro)

 Even though I am crazy about high heels, I'm digging in the low heels version. I love, adore, crazy about (whatever similar verb you can think of) the bow. The proportion of the bow and human foot is just perfect. However, I am not into thick heels, so maybe that's why I prefer the one with low heels. And I don't like the Swarovski covered heels either; they were too bling-bling to my taste :( boo.. 
More from the ads:

I LOVE the red pair with silver satin bow(!) and you can see some pairs in different colors on the right. yummy...I have to go to the store ASAP!

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