Sunday, September 12, 2010

Late-Birthday Surprise at Pastis

My friends and I went to Pastis on last Saturday. It's located right across Four Season Hotel, strategically in between Kuningan and Sudirman Street. However, one of my friends lost her way here, so maybe it was not that strategic, eh? The road was empty because of the  Eid holiday or Eid ul-Fitr or Idul Fitri in Indonesian. I heard more than 1 million (!!) people traveled out of Jakarta, either to celebrate Eid or just for holiday.

We went there for an early dinner so the place was still empty even though I saw "reserved" signs on most of the tables. The ambiance was nice as expected. The interior decoration was not as advertised. It was supposed to mimic a kitchen, but I barely notice the kitchenette-feeling. Anyhow, the light was perfectly bright and they have a lounge in the backyard. It was closed though on the day because it was raining. 

The dinner menu was divided into Appertizer (or light bites I forget how they phrased it), Asian, Pasta, and Main Courses. They also served breakfast and brunch (until 5p.m. if I'm not mistaken). I didn't have high expectation since some of my friends said the food was blah.
After asking what the waiter recommended and used our judgement, we had:

Spicy Escargot - Rp 35,000

Nasi Goreng Ijo - Rp 65,000

Chicken with Beer & Onion Sauce
(I forget how much but I think it's around Rp 85,000)
Nasi Goreng Ijo was REALLY GOOD. The green color was from green chilies; however, we could order it "not spicy." It was still a bit spicy but oh boy, it was good! The portion was generous. It fed three of us. Spicy escargot was good too, moreover for the price.
The Chicken was a disappointenment, we didn't finish it. The salad was a bit bitter, the dressing was not that nice either. Lesson learned, stick to what the waiter suggested.

Anyway the surprise party went smoothly. I was so surprised when suddenly the waiters sang "Happy Birthday" to me right when I was about ordering desserts. My friends bought the princess cake from Awfully Chocolate. They also brought paper crowns to complete the princess I had so much fun

Oh, we had Melon Ice Tea (@Rp 25,000) for the drink and it was SOOOO GOOD. It was really sweet, but I love overly sweet

Will I come back again? Definitely!

The Kuningan Suites
Setiabudi Utara, Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan

DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
PH: (021) 526-0260

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