Friday, September 17, 2010

New Addiction: Radio Play

On the night I went to Seribu Rasa, I accidentally got to listen to a sneak-peek of radio plays on Prambors 102.2 fm. It brought back the high school memory. I used to love listening to Prambors radio play; It was called Balada Cinta Ramadhan, played every Ramadhan (fasting session), if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, I googled it, and found this. It is the link to the podcast of Prambors' Kompilasi Kisah Kamu. This was a bit different compared to Balada Cinta Ramadhan (BCR). BCR was series, while KKK more like short stories; so they played different story every day.

I haven't got the change to hear all of them, but I am trying. Actually, I am listening to it right now :p There's one that's frightened me tho'. It is the 4th story: Soulmates never die. It is not a horror story, but it still gives me goosebump :(

I don't like the English accent of some of the players, but it's ok as long it does not distract the plays. The plays are VERY ENTERTAINING! kuddos to Prambors. I hope they make radio plays regular. *crossing fingers*

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