Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foek Bakmi Karet

I love noodle, and Bakmi GM is one of my favorite. However, a best friend dared to tell me in the face that there was one that made Bakmi GM tasted like a sh*t. Ok, I exaggerated it, but the comment was along the line. I felt challenged, for the love of Bakmi

So today, after a slow gym session, due to the lesser than usual calories burned :(, I requested him to take me to the famous noodle shop. Noted that I was reaallllyyy hungry.

Foek Bakmi Karet

You can see from the picture that the sign was so small, and also the opened door. I thought it was closed. It was so hard to find a parking space, since it was located in housing area, just right behind Wisma Gading Permai Apartment Complex. We had to park a little further, and my stomach was about to growl.

It was not really a restaurant. It was actually a house, and we ate at the terrace. I was shocked once I stepped inside, it was full and we were there at 2 p.m., I believed it wasn't lunch hour anymore. Despite the enormous amount of people inside, they were still able to manage its cleanliness. Anyway, we waited in line. And I thought my stomach just cannot stand it anymore, moreover with the view of people eating noodle voraciously. So when the waitress offered to join in other people's table, we accepted, whole-heartedly.  I was THAT 

Bakmie Karet Suikiaw + Daging Campur - Rp 17,500
Pangsit Goreng Jumbo 2pcs/pax @ Rp 5,000

Bakmi Karet Suikiaw was the most ordered, so I got that. Once they put the bowl in front of me, I just could not wait to put it into my mouth, but I had to take some picture to be posted here -.- Anyway, the noodle was good, but that's it. It was not extremely good, it was not to-die-for good; it's just ok. But important to notice, I do NOT eat spicy food, so I did not put any chili sauce or chili or any spicy sauce whatsoever to the bowl. I guess that affected the flavor, since I saw ALL of the people put a lot of chili sauce to their noddle soup. I did not have high expectation for the suikiaw since I was a little disappointed already with the noodle and I did not like wonton. Little did I know, it was the BEST wonton/suikiaw that I had ever tasted in my life! It was perfectly mixed of saltiness and sweetness; which I think the sweetness came from the pork meat it made out of. 

And just FYI, they offered Bakmi Suikiaw, Bakmi Wonton, and Bakmi Pangsit. I didn't get the differences, but Bakmi Suikiaw is the most expensive. My friend, who was a regular, ordered the Bakmi wonton. He told me that the suikiaw was better than wonton, but he ordered wonton just because he ate suikiaw too

So if you are around the area, you can try it yourself and share whether it is really better than Bakmi GM :) To me personally, I still like Bakmi GM more. But I have to admit that eating here is a different experience.

Foek Rumah Bakmi Karet
Jl. Gading Elok Barat 2 CF 1 No. 1
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Ph: 021 4522473

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