Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A thousand good laughs at Seribu Rasa

The Birthday Bash series continued. Tonight, it was with two of my best friends from high school. No, actually I had been friends with one of them since we were in middle school! We had fun anyways :)

Ok, enough about the reunion. Seribu Rasa is under the same management of Penang Bistro and Hongkong Cafe. They serve Southeast Asian food. It is super strategic, located in Menteng just right behind Hotel Nikko, if I'm not mistaken. Traffic in jakarta was still clear (I can drive like 130 km/hr in the highway on my way to the office! which is rarer than a Birkin considering it is Jakarta). However, Seribu Rasa sign was not that clear, we almost passed it by.

Going in the parking garage, we were welcomed by a car valet. It seemed that you HAVE to valet your car, well, they were kindly forced us at the least. It was just Rp 5.000 for the service, but I could see that the practice could potentially irk some customers. The same practice happened in Penang Bistro too.

I like the ambiance. The service were great, and the waiter gave good recommendations, so we basically just ordered whatever he suggested. One thing fascinated me, the waiter's recommendations were not determined by the price. You know, the waiters in most restaurants would always "suggest" the most expensive ones. But not in Seribu Rasa. So here's what we got:

Claypot Tofu Seribu Rasa - Rp 47.000

Lamb Honey Sauce - Rp 79.000

Fried Chicken with Longan Sauce - Rp 51.000

I had to ask the waiter several times whether the lamb honey sauce would still have the "lamb smell," and he convinced me that it wouldn't. And it wasn't! The Lamb was good but not special. The Fried Chicken with Longan Sauce is delicious! The more I ate it, the more I liked it. The chicken was fried to the right crispiness and the sweetness of the longan sauce was perfectly sheer. But my favorite was the claypot tofu. I love the sauce, I love the tofu, but there was just no vegetables in the claypot :(

The drinks were also fun:
Ceria Pangandaran - Rp 29.000

Mangga Gembira Slush - Rp 32.000
Semilir Brastagi - Rp 29.000

Apparently, Semilir Brastagi was the most popular drink. Unfortunately, I forgot to take notes what's in it -.-' Anyway, I tasted it a little, it was strawberry with a hint of fresh ingredients, can't think of what it was though. Mine was the Mangga Gembira Slush, I didn't care about the mixes since I love mango, and it was great and refreshing.

Singkong Gondo Arum - Rp 27.000

We shared Singkong Gondo Arum for the dessert. It was fermented cassava (tape in Indonesian) served with caramel sauce and cheese. I had never liked tape but I could eat this one, and it was not bad actually.

We ended the night by going for a little shopping at Grand Indonesia Mall. I might share the loot on the next post. Stay tuned!

Seribu Rasa
Jl. Haji Agus Salim 128
Menteng, Central Jakarta
Ph: 021 3928892

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