Sunday, October 16, 2011

Delifrance, Singapore

Remember I told you that my parents can take a whole day in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Well, the hospital was super cold. I sometimes wonder how come they set the temperature so low at a hospital? I mean a hospital is supposed to be full of sick people, and I doubt they appreciate the super cold temperature. Doesn't it make them feel worse?

Anyway, about 3 hours after having my lunch at Cafe Mount E, I still waited for my parents and started to tremble because of the super cold air-con. I suddenly remembered that there was Delifrance in the hospital, so I figured I just walk there to have a sip of hot chocolate.

Almond Croissant - S$4.20 and
Hot Chocolate - S$4.00

While I was ordering my hot chocolate, I was tempted by trays of croissant and cakes. Thus, I ordered an almond croissant to accompany my hot chocolate. The croissant was huge and looked super appealing to me. It was sweet because of the generous amount of powdered sugar poured on top of it. And I also enjoyed the smell of almonds.

The hot chocolate was tiny in size and it was very hot! I had to wait a while before I can savor it. but let me tell you, sipping a hot chocolate after being in an almost frozen state was heaven, so I did not really have a say about its taste. I did enjoy taking a deep breath, inhaling its aroma ;p

The Outdoor Terrace

Little did I know, they also had their own outdoor terrace! How nice is that. So, after grabbing my orders, it did not take much time for me to decide that I need to hang out there for a little while. It's sooo nice to feel the sun warmth again.

Apple Walnut Cake - S$4.50

The next day, I had to come back to the hospital for some reasons, and I felt cold, again. I recalled the warm terrace of Delifrance. So there I went. That day, I got the apple walnut cake instead. I innitially was not really fond of the cake itself. I bought it just because there was only one left, and it must be good, right? Considering other kinds of cake and pastry still have some left and this one was almost sold out.

Well, the cake was moist and it was not too sweet. I did not really pay attention to the apples and walnuts tho' but I was sure I tasted them here and there. Over all, I was not really impressed with it, it was just okay for me.

Delifrance Counter

Mount Elizabeth Hospital #02-00
3 Mount Elizabeth
Ph: (65) 6838 0324

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