Monday, October 31, 2011

Jackrabbit - Halloween, 2nd review

Since Halloween falls on weekday this year, my friends and I decided to celebrate it on Last Saturday instead. We went to Jackrabbit since they had a Halloween event.

The lights were more dimmed than usual. They also put a bunch of scary decorations. I was surprised when I was greeted by a scary looking nurse with fake blood and creepy make-up. I was literally stunned for a few seconds before I realized that the waiters and waitresses dressed up as scary nurses, doctors, and surgeons. Coooolllll.....

Free bread

The bread came with two different types of butter. I did not really pay attention to them tho'

 Fried Oxtail Soup - Rp98k

When ordering for food, I mentioned to the waitress that I was having a sore throat and asked for a recommendation. She suggested me to get the oxtail soup. It was actually quite tasty. The seasoning was not too strong, but it was good for my sore throat. I did not eat the crackers, off course. Well, I put some in the soup. Soggy crackers won't do much to my sore throat, right? right? lol

Earl Grey Tea - Rp21k

Again, since I was having sore throat I could not order fun drink or any drink with alcohol :( but the earl grey came in such a cute teapot, so no complain here :p

They managed to give us free drinks! Even though I had sore throat, I could not just pass on free booze, and it was only little. Wrong! I did not bother to ask what was that, but it worsened my sore throat in an instant =( The drink was sweet tho'.

Chocolate in the Oven - Rp 55k

They had Halloween special menu, and I was curious to try the dessert, which was the chocolate in the oven. When I asked the waitress what it was, she said it was actually their baked lava cake. I found the difference was probably in the RIP written cookie.The baked lava cake was supposed to come with caramel ice cream, but it tasted like vanilla ice cream instead. I was not sure tho'. Anyway, the baked lava cake itself was heavenly! My friend and I loved it. It was thick and super chocolatey. However, some of my friends thought it was a tad too thick. The RIP cookie was soggy tho'. And I did not try the cute rabbit shaped chocolate, since I thought it was not good for (again) my sore throat.

"Babies" and scary nurse

Its private room still looked cool and elegant!

I really enjoyed my time there. The service was great! The staff were really accommodating, and the free drink got them extra credit ;) I also love the thought they put on the decorations and costumes. The haunted-mansion-like music was a bit turn-off though.

Anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS! Hope you have/had a great time too :D

You can read my first review here.

Cyber 2 Tower
Ground Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No. 13
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: (021) 2902 1357


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