Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Each-A-Cup, Singapore

Whenever I am in Singapore, I always get struck by bubble tea craze. I love bubble tea sooo much, it was my favorite comfort food! Super unfortunately, I cannot find a decent one here in Jakarta =( However, Singapore has a lot of choices of bubble tea that I have not even got the chance to try them all.

Anyway, I was walking around ION Orchard when I was attracted by quite a line in a bubble tea stall. It was called Each-A-Cup. I got excited that I felt like I also had to get in line and try one of those :p

Original Ice Milk Tea: Red Tea
with mini pearl and mixed fruit jelly- S$2.30

I tried its original milk tea. The original price was actually S$2.00. It came with one topping, but since I added  mixed fruit jelly, I had to pay $.30 more. Oh, and there's the thing about Singaporean bubble tea. In most places, you got to choose the sweetness level that you preferred. In Each-A-Cup you can choose from 0% to 120% level of sugar, with 20% increment.

I picked the 100% (normal) and it was a tad too sweet. Nonetheless, I still love it! It felt really good to have good bubble tea after getting disappointed by sucky pearl milk tea in Indonesia. The pearl and jelly were already sweet by themselves and perfectly chewy.

Each-A-Cup kiosk in ION Orchard

ION Orchard #B4-45
2 Orchard Turn


  1. kemarin juga ada cobain minuman di each a cup, minum lime&plum drinknya, rame banget

  2. udah coba Chatime di jakarta? lumayan kok :)

  3. @anak jajan: wahhh appa tuh lime and plum drinkk?is it good?hehe

    @irene: udah pernahh gw gk gitu suka chatime..hehe


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