Friday, October 28, 2011

Food Gallery Fried Carrot Cake, Food Village, Singapore

One day, it struck me that I had never tried Singapore's fried carrot cake. I saw the picture everywhere, yet I had never had the urge to order one. Suddenly, I got so curious and decided to try it. Luckily, that night my parents decided to have dinner at Food Village, the food court at the basement floor of Ngee Ann City. The food court was always super packed during lunch and dinner time. Getting a table was like a war! lol

Sweet Black Sauce Carrot Cake - S$4.00 and
Ice Lime Juice - S$1.80

The stall also offered other things, such as char kway teow, but I believed their specialty is fried carrot cake, since they put it as the stall name/title/whatever. There are 2 types of fried carrot cake, salty and sweet one. I later one.

The color of it was soooo dark. I guess they put a lot of sweet black sauce, and indeed they did, since it was too sweet, even for me. It was okay, but I could not finish it off because it got sweeter as I was eating it.

Overall, the fried carrot cake was failed to impress me. Maybe I should try the salty one next time.

Food Gallery Fried Carrot Cake
at Food Village
Takashimaya Shopping Center
Ngee Ann City #B2
391 Orchard Road

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