Monday, October 24, 2011

Share Tea, Singapore

After buying Garrett Popcorn the other day, I noticed there was a bubble tea stall behind it that was super crowded. However, I was sipping my Each-A-Cup bubble tea at the moment, so I had to suppress my curiosity until the next day.

I came back the next day and waited in line. The line was a bit long, but they moved fast. The bubble tea stall called Share Tea. It was from Taiwan, and super famous there. It had been in the business for over 19 years!

Honey Milk Tea - S$2.90

Learning from past experience that 100% sugar would be a tad too sweet, I decided to order mine to be 80% this time. However, since I ordered honey milk tea, in which they claimed to use honey instead of sugar, so they suggested that I went by the standard measurement, and that's what I did.

For the taste, I actually was disappointed. I did not really fancy its milk tea. It has a weird after taste. However, I would give them the benefit of doubt considering the long line, it must be good, right? It has to be good, or else why do those people wait in line for it?

Mango Green Tea with Cream - S$4.00

Well, just a few days ago I passed by the same outlet and decided to give it another shot. I had a different approach in choosing what to order this time. Instead of going fr the ordinary red milk tea, I chose one from the sign box, and Mango Green Tea with Cream looked interesting. I ordered it with 100% sugar and pearl.

After I mixed the cream, it looked like normal green tea milk tea. I loved it! I was glad that I gave them another chance. It was sweet and I can taste the mango. It was refreshing! the bubble was spongy.

Share Tea Kiosk at Wisma Atria

Share Tea
Wisma Atria #B1-45
435 Orchard Rd
Ph: (65) 6733 7507

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