Thursday, October 27, 2011

High Society, Singapore

After stuffing ourselves at Wee Nam Kee, my friends and I headed to Marina area. Unfortunately, it was raining so we had no other choice but wandering around the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

High Society

While shopping around, we passed by High Society. The cafe looked so cute and nicely decorated. Even though we were sooo full, the girls and I just could not resist to grab a few macaroons to chew on the go =p

Cake and Macaroon display

As much as I wanted to try some of those cute tempting cupcakes, I was too full and our time was kind of limited. So we had to satisfy ourselves only with a few macaroons.

Earl Grey, Banana, and Maple Macaroons - S$2.80

The macaroon here costed $0.80 more than the one in TWG, but it was a bit bigger in size. All of them were sweet and the macaroon shell was chewy. Each of the macaroons has its own aroma that was suitable to its taste. Earl Grey Macaroon smells like earl grey tea; Banana Macaroon filled with caramel cream; and Maple Macaroon tasted like maple syrup on top of pancake. I loved them all.

I got to try my friend's macaroon. She had the rose raspberry macaroon (not pictured), and it had such a seducing smell of rose. It was my favorite, together with the earl grey :)

High Society
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2-43
2 Bayfront Avenue
Ph: (65) 6688 7522

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